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Silicone leather fabric global eco leather vegan l

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UMEET Silicone Leather According to the statistics of PETA, more than one billion animals die in the leather industry every year. There is serious pollution and damage to the environment in the leather goods industry. Numbers of international brands abandoned animal skins to promote green consumption, while consumers' love for leather products cannot be ignored. We hope to develop a product that can replace animal leather, reduce pollution and not kill animals, as well as people enjoy a high-quality,durable and eco-friendly leather products continuously.

The founders and his partners in UMEET have devoted themselves to the research of Silicone and eco raw materials for more than 20 years. With continuous research and trial,they have developed a new type of organic silicone leather use baby nipple material, liquid silicone coating on different base fabrics,without any chemical substance addition and post-processing. The surface tender touchness with various colors and textures,it is eco-friendly, easy to clean, weather resistant, abrasion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, breathable, anti-allergic, flame retardant etc.Silicone Leather is much suitable for high demand leather application industries such as yachts, outdoor furniture, electronica products, medical equipment, leather wearing and bags.

The products can be customized according to the needs of customers, with fabric base, textures, thicknesses and colors. Our engineers provide sample analysis, which can quickly match customer needs and 100% match sample to meet the customized of different customers.

Service & Customer Support :

We taught our sales product materials, production technology, communication skill, and service spirit,no matter you are looking for an existing product or a new customization solution,we provide one-stop shop to help our customer buy the most suitable and satisfied product.

Silicone Leather be used in many applications

Our silicone leather have been used in a lot of applications: Marine, commecial public place, home and outdoor sofa, auto interior,sports wears,medical equipments,children products,bags,suitcase etc... Our company has provided excellent customized services for many well-known leather industrial customers at home and abroad.Products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, America, Africa and more than 100 countries and regions.

“From The Standardized Production Line Manufacturing, To The Personalized Customization Production Line Currently.”


Since 2008

Since 2008, the company sales has been growing rapidly year by year, with a $10+ million annual sales now. 
From the standardized production line manufacturing, to the personalized customization production line currently.
According to the customers' demand of adjustment in details, we adapt the equipment device to meet their needs.


Designed Different Line

Based on the situations in different countries, we design different production line for each, increasing the flexibility of our leather machine. For example, for some developing countries, a feasible production line with low investment is recommended, to production line, and improve the quality of local

Dongguan umtsileather Co., Ltd www.umtsileather.com

Handle Any Scale

In view of the tropical island climate, we provide plant integration on integrated solution of container. Facilitate the integration into the local cultural environment. UMEET sileather is devoted to leather package industrial -- big enough to handle projects of any scale, but small enough for our clients to benefit from the professional supports of our most experienced teams.

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